We offer a highly subsidized website design course irrespective of your computer coding knowledge. During the course, we teach,

Introduction: Essential basic requirements for web designing.

Web Hosting: Web hosting provides space on the server, Internet connectivity and facilitates website access through the World Wide Web. All websites are hosted through web hosting platforms.

Domain: Domain is the name of a website. There are several ways we can buy/own a domain. Also owning a domain could help you in making money. A domain registration is the first step in web designing.

Content management system (CMS): A content management system (CMS) is a computer application on which websites are built. There are several CMS platforms, we will touch upon one by one, and train students to build website accordingly.

Logo Design: How to create a logo design for your website.

HTML and CSS: Basic HTML knowledge to build website and basics of CSS skills used to change web content/design/format.

Php and MySQL: Basic Php and MySQL to make significant

Tutorial of building live website (WordPress).

Essential Plugins for building your website.

Plugin: A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to any CMS website. This allows you to add many features to your website. We will teach you how to choose plugin and use it.

Google Translate: Google translate application allows a visitor from non-English speaking countries (like China, Russia, South Korea, Europe) translate web content into their native language.

Google My Business: Online presence of your business details (location, contact, link to website, and review) helps to attract customer to your website. We will teach you how to update Google my business.

How to add video and images

We will show you how to add YouTube videos to the website

How to add Google map: We will show you how to add a map to the website. It shows where the location of your company.

We will show you what else are required to make your website live, interactive and useful

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Visibility of your website to an online customer is the prerequisite to business success. SEO application facilitates online visibility.

Google Analytics: Google analytics allow you to monitor/track user database; accordingly you can design marketing strategy.